September 24, 2022 04 : 00 PM to 07 : 00 PM


What is Low Key Photography?

Low Key photography is one of the most challenging forms of photography, for any range of shooters. We often see people getting mixed up between Low Key and High Key.


Therefore, to set things straight, and cast away any shadows of doubt, we have decided to focus our attention on initially describing the low key meaning and how it differs from high photography too.


Low key is the art lowering the exposure to create more shadows while creatively concealing and revealing details. The one thing we particularly like about low key photography is the ability it holds to add drama and hard-hitting emotion within a shot.


Join us in this workshop led by RAKKY RAKESH https://www.instagram.com/rakkyrakesh/ and learn the technique of shooting!


Date and time:

24th September 2022

4pm to 7pm



BLDG number 6, Zone 40, Street 974

Skills Development Centre – New Salata, Qatar





Bring you cameras and let’s start capturing every moment!

Workshop is not available anymore