Inspiring Portraits

February 04, 2020 04 : 00 PM to 07 : 00 PM

Learn to create, control and adjust any lighting condition so you can develop your creative vision in the simplest ways possible in your portraits.

عوة لكل الفنانين المبدعين في الدوحة لحضور ورشة تعليم تصوير الأشخاص مع مدرسة نيكون مجاناً لمدة ٣ ساعات. ستتعلم من المصور المحترف والحائز على العديد من الجوائز، بهاء الدين القزويني مع الشرح النظري والتطبيق العملي مثل كيفية استخدام الإضائة بشكل احترافي لتصوير الأشخاص.

الورشة في مركز هوايات الشباب، مبنى ١٨، كتارا، الدوحة.


Understanding the Nikon Creative Lighting System

So you want to get your flash off-camera? If you want to improve your flash lit portraits you need to get your flash off the camera. A great way to start is to use Nikon’s own CLS (Creative Lighting System). Since a lot of people will own one of the Nikon Speedlights, getting it off camera and triggered remotely is a very straightforward and relatively inexpensive task. In this 3-hour session, BAhaa will take you to the basics of the Nikon Creative Lighting System. 

Bahaa was a former sports photographer for F1, Football, MotoGP. Now he would like to photograph Wildlife and Street Photography so he traveled around the world to document people in their environment using the Nikon Creative Lighting System. He is a  founder of many photographic groups in Kuwait from 1995 until now. N

Workshop is not available anymore